For Bermuda's energy future,

We propose a legislated 70% renewable energy target by 2040


BELCO have put forward a 20 year plan for the future of Bermuda's energy supply. This plan is Bermuda's default plan and will be implemented unless action is taken.

BE Solar commissioned an alternative plan by sustainability engineering firm Etude, known as the Bermuda Better Energy Plan. The only way this will be adopted is if you, and everyone you know, writes to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda and supports the plan.

This website explains both plans and what you need to do to have your say on Bermuda's energy future.


​Proposes that two thirds of electricity will be provided by solar and offshore wind technologies within 20 years. Energy demand  is forecast to reduce by a third due to energy efficiency. Intermittent renewables will work with battery storage and Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) generation to provide a diverse yet secure and affordable supply of electricity.


Proposes to rely primarily on imported Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). This will require the construction of an industrial regasification facility. Renewable energy will not become a significant part of the generation mix. Bermuda will continue to rely on imported fossil fuel for decades.

want to LEARN MORE?

Our plan was developed by UK based Sustainability Engineering firm Etude.

As it is quite technical we have also created a summary document that explains key aspects of the plan.


Bermuda can lead by example


For the planet and our children's future


Our Bermuda Better Energy Plan was developed for the People of Bermuda.
It is dedicated to Bermudian Engineer and Sustainability pioneer Barrett Lightbourn who sadly passed away in July, 2018.
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