​Proposes that 64% of electricity will be provided by solar and offshore wind technologies within 20 years. Energy demand  is forecast to reduce by 30% due to energy efficiency. Intermittent renewables will work with battery storage and Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) generation to provide a diverse yet secure and affordable supply of electricity for decades to come.
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We see opportunities for cleaner & cheaper energy!


Is intended to provide an objective alternative energy option for Bermuda that is robust, forward thinking and will ensure the financial, societal and environmental costs of electricity are set onto a sustainable pathway, with minimal risk to the rate paying public. We believe this goal has been achieved in our plan and hope that our analyses and recommendations assist in deciding the best course of action for Bermuda and her people.


  • Energy Efficiency 

  • Energy Security 

  • Carbon Reduction 

  • Cost Reduction 

  • Diversified Energy Mix 

Energy Efficiency is KEY!

Our plan explains the value of reducing our consumption of electricity by implementing strategic energy efficiency measures islandwide

So we don't need to invest so heavily in new infrastructure 

Renewable energy is cheaper

Our plan highlights that the cost of Bulk Solar, Offshore Wind, & Distributed Solar is cheaper than a new LNG plant or using Fuel Oil.

And much better for the planet too...

Electric Vehicles will change how we use and store energy

Our plan highlights how  Electric Vehicles will shift our energy demand and allow for modular transportable energy.

Electric Vehicles now have larger batteries that can store and transport energy

What is LPG?

  • Liquid Propane Gas  

  • Clean burning Propane gas  

  • Produces more energy per cubic foot vs. LNG 

  • 2,516 BTUs per cubic foot 

  • Easier to produce, store & transport  

  • Greater flexibility and less capital intensive 

What is LNG?

  • Liquid Natural Gas  

  • Methane gas  

  • Produces less energy per cubic foot vs. LPG 

  • 1,030 BTUS per cubic foot  

  • Must be housed in custom storage & tanks 

  • Limited flexibility and very capital intensive  


LPG will

cost less to install,

is safer and less harmful to the environment.

It provides a low risk route to reduce the carbon content of fossil fuel generation in Bermuda while integrating more renewable energy. This is why we are proposing it.

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We want the people of Bermuda to understand how this proposed plan is more sustainable and what Bermuda needs.