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Support the Bermuda Better Energy Plan

1. Respond to the consultation

The Better Energy Plan will only be adopted if we all write to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda (RAB) to explain why we support the plan. The RAB has invited people to write in by 5pm on 30th November 2018.

It is easy to respond to the consultation, just download and follow the simple instructions below. We have provided a template that you can use and guidance on what to write if you are unsure.

Time remaining until consultation ends:

2. Donate to the Indiegogo campaign

BE Solar have invested considerable resources into developing the Better Energy Plan for the people of Bermuda. We do not stand to directly benefit from the plan and are a small company so we need your help to hire the experts who developed the plan to: 

  • Develop the technical and economic feasibility

  • Promote the plan in Bermuda

  • Answer technical questions and explain the plan in person

  • Bring technical experts to Bermuda


Your help could change the direction of Bermudian energy generation forever. This is a unique opportunity to help Bermuda use her own energy resources, drastically cut carbon emissions, and make electricity more affordable.

3. Pledge your support

Show leadership by signing up below to pledge that you will be responding. We will add you to a growing list of people who have already pledged to support the plan for a clean energy future. The list will be published to encourage others to respond to the consultation.

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